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Activities For Personal Development Training

The challenge of personal development training has something to do with starting a type of change or positive transformation in a person’s life. Many people realize that they need to work to develop their talents and skills so they achieve their goals in life. There are several activities that encourage personal development training, and most begin with a clearer view of self-concept, increased level of self-awareness and higher levels of self-confidence. Here are some helpful hints:

1. Make your own Johari Window or answer some personality tests.

The Johari Window is a tool which was developed to increase a person’s self awareness. This window contains four panes: the open self, blind self, hidden self and unknown self. Through this, you can determine how much information you tend to disclose to other people about yourself.

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In writing information on your Johari Window, do not hesitate to ask others about their honest opinions of you, and see whether you personally agree with what they say. Answering personality tests may also help you fill out the “blind” self and give you more insights on what people think about you.

2. Set long-term and short-term goals.

Setting special goals allows you to realize your life direction and allow you to focus on the achievement of the things you want.

3. Get Involved in self affirmation.

“I can do this,” “I’m great,” “I am extraordinary” – these are some examples of statements that affirm yourself. It’s very helpful in making you like or love yourself better and make you feel more confident about who you are.