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All about Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs, which feed on the blood of humans, are real insects. They also feed on warm-blooded animals. They are not immediately noticeable. They can live in both temperate and tropical climates as they are nocturnal. They are attracted by body heat and carbon dioxide Today, bedbugs are a growing problem.

They can be found in luggage or clothing belonging to travelers. They spread from hotels to homes in a manner. you can buy effective powder to kill these bed pests and get rid of them permanently. 

Why bed bugs have made a horrifying comeback - Vox
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They are most active at night. They usually eat once every five to ten-day. They hide in the seams and folds of mattresses when it is daylight.  
They crawl out after dark and collect their food before returning to their sleeping areas. Because they contain a small number of painkillers in saliva, the bite is painless. While bedbugs can carry many pathogens, it has never been proven that they transmit them to humans. Bedbugs are therefore not considered to be a health risk.
Bedbug infestations can be easily detected by small blood stains on light-colored bedding. This happens when an adult becomes engorged and is accidentally crushed by its sleeping host. This could also be indicated by red stains on the mattress folds.
Bed Bug control requires both sanitation and pesticide application. Although vacuuming and cleaning infested mattresses will reduce their population, they will often rebound quickly. For long-term pest control, it is often necessary to hire a professional pest management company.