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All About CBD Oil For Pets

FDA testing showed that CBD products often contain very little or no CBD. According to the FDA, many CBD products were not tested for CBD. These products have not been approved by the FDA to treat, prevent, cure, mitigate, or treat any disease. These products should not be used by consumers.

What are the uses of cannabis pet relief oil?

There is currently anecdotal evidence of owners using CBD oil to treat a range of health problems, including arthritis, osteoarthritis, and cancer. Veterinary professionals cannot assess the safety and effectiveness of cannabis oil for dogs without conducting rigorous scientific studies. It is impossible to know the potency of these products without FDA approval.

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A new study has been published on CBD oil for dogs

The University of Colorado announced recently that they are beginning clinical trials of CBD for dogs with epilepsy and osteoarthritis. Stephanie McGrath, Dr., is the lead of the study. She states that CBD is not a magic cure-all but could be an alternative treatment in some cases.

CBD, which is a form of medical marijuana, removes the THC and creates a non-toxic form. These hemp oils can be used for many purposes, and it is a good place to start: helping your furry friends. This article will help you understand CBD and how it can benefit your dog. CBD for dogs can do a lot of good and have many benefits.