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All About Miniature Painting

The term miniature painting is defined in different ways; the techniques, the magnitude of the portrayed object to the depicted object or the size of the two. The art began in Western world and it includes many forms of painting like portraits of saints and angels. Various scenes from daily life of the Middle Ages are also found in this division of art. 

The artists began to make miniature paintings for their customers privately or for the royal family members as soon as the invention of the printing press took place. It was a trend then to keep such paintings in a bag or pocket by the owner and take it to anywhere he/she goes. This is like what many people do when they want to show their love and care for their loved ones and carry their photo along with them.  You can also discover the best hobby models and supplies from Tistaminis and hobby shop for the best products. 

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A detailed observation is required when it comes to deploying the miniature painting technique. The surfaces used for the painting are several and so are the materials. The basic thing however is the know-how of color variation and composition technique.

There are several factors that have made miniature painting so popular. The size is usually considered ideal for small offices and apartment walls. Large interior decoration is also done by using a large number of miniature paintings together. This idea is useful for those who don't like single large images.

If you believe miniature paintings have their place on the office tables or apartment wall, you are probably wrong. They can be used to decorate any place you want, be it the coffee table, fireplace, study table, meeting room or shelves. Your friends and family members will also feel really happy if you choose