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All About Porsche Dashboard Gauge Repair and Refurbishment

A lot of Porsche owners have experienced issues with the gauges situated on the dashboards of their vehicles. This article will offer some suggestions and hints on the following subjects that are related with the gauges that are found in nearly all Porsches:

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  • Test and calibration of the Speedometer and check

  • Recalibration of the Speedometer for Different Tires

  • Substitution and replacement for Temp/Oil/Gas modules

The gauges that were used in the early Porsches have a very similar style and construction. Thus the 356 911, 914, and various Porsche (and VW, and BMW) gauges are usually identical. 

The issues caused by the gauges are prevalent in many Porsche automobiles. There are many kinds of gauges, this article will try to be as comprehensive as possible, with the hopes that a lot of the data and photos are applicable to numerous gauges of various automobiles.

Gauge face refurbishment – Certain cars from the past (later 914s for instance) include gauge faces made of plastic utilized on all gauges.

They are cleanable without scratching, and appear much more attractive in general. Each of the Porsche gauges have faces that are joined by a ring that has been folded and wrapped over the outside part of the gauge. You can also search online for Porsche gauge repair.