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All About Solar Loan Program

Many people are interested in solar energy. It also makes financial sense. You can eliminate your electricity bill if you live in an area with enough solar panels. Consider this: $0 per month for electricity.

Solar panels don't come free. A home solar system will cost you around $20,000 depending on how many panels you need. Despite the high price, many homeowners can still make a profit within seven to eight years. You may have to borrow $20,000 to start a solar loan. For more information about the solar loan program, you can explore this link.

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Here are the facts about solar financing.

Different types of solar loans

Some lenders provide loans for solar expenses. You can also pay for your solar system using a variety of financing options, some which may be more beneficial than solar-specific loans. Here is a quick overview on the various financing options available to finance your solar system.

Secured Solar Loans

Many solar system retailers offer point of sale (POS) financing in the format of secured loan. This means that you will need to pledge collateral.

Solar loans from utilities or local governments

There are many state and local governments that offer solar loans to their citizens. The database of State Incentive for Renewables & Efficiency website allows you to check what loan programs and other incentives are available in your region.