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All About Spicy Olive Oil

Sometime last summer, my garden produced a lot of leftover chili peppers, ready to throw away. These chili plants that I bought from an Asian store for 0.50 cents did so well! It wasn't my plan to buy them, but on second thought I decided to try planting them in my backyard.

I love the spicy taste that creeps up my tongue and explodes in my mouth like little ants are crawling all over my tongue. I really like spicy food recipes that increase my stamina when eating and I forget to stop. Food turns out to be very attractive when a hot touch is added and is good for your health in some way. If you want to buy best chili oil visit

It took me a few days to figure out what to do with the ready-to-harvest red chili peppers, beautifully spread and spiky red attached to the plant that is too many. At first, I thought about drying and storing for my convenience. But he already had a bag of dried chili. Maybe I should try making my own spicy olive oil. I've seen some olive oil bottled at the store with something like garlic and it smells good to me.

All you need is three things:

  • Chile – fresh or dry
  • Olive oil
  • Dark-colored glass bottle

After harvesting, I washed all the tiny red chilies and placed them in a colander to dry the water.

Prepare the glass bottle by washing them with warm soapy water; Let them dry completely before use to avoid mold. I use the empty olive oil glass bottle that I consumed from the previous purchase that I collect for future use. This is a good excuse to avoid washing as you can store them as-is.

When the red chilies are dry from excess water, they are ready to be put into the glass bottle. I suggest filling the empty glass bottle with chili peppers first before adding the oil to make sure all the chilies are well coated and submerged. It's also important to leave room for acidity (correct me if I'm wrong on this matter), about an inch from the top that will most likely collect in the open space trying to escape.