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Australian Visas – Your Key To Fun In The Sun

A visa is a document that permits a person to enter a country. These documents are required for foreigners to enter a country. They are typically registered with the government. There are many differences in the rules and requirements for visas.

There are several categories of visas. Australia is one of the countries that has a divided visa system. It includes a Skilled Visa for immigrants, a holiday job visa in Australia for those under 30, a Visitor Visa for people who are visiting Australia on business or vacation, entrepreneur visas. 

Australian work visas

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To become a citizen of Australia, citizens must have a permanent residence visa. These visas are valid for five years and permit a person to remain indefinitely. However, the Minister of Immigration can revoke them in the event of criminal activity. Employers may sponsor an employee from overseas to fill a job vacancy. Families can also sponsor a family member to immigrate. 

A temporary visa for visitors, such as holidaymakers, is much easier to obtain. It is obtained through the ETA program. This electronic system replaces the visa stamp or label on a passport and eliminates the need to fill out application forms. You must have a passport issued by an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), which is most countries in the west. 

However, you can find advice on Australia's visa website and from the appropriate authorities. The visa application process is simple and allows tourists to stay for up to 3 months in Australia.