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Benefits and Drawbacks of Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record or EHR as they are more popularly known have emerged as the most needed and the most basic healthcare software. EHR have proved to be the backbone of the health insurance exchange and health information exchange. The medical information stored in the EHR is sourced by the exchange platforms to give more information about insurance and health plans.

Though storing of information in electronic form is always a good idea, it has its side effects too. Here is a look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of adopting Electronic Health Records.

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1.    Though the process of converting paper records to EHR may seem costly, the National Health Accounts will have some major savings up it sleeves. This could in turn be invested in better healthcare facilities and government sponsored health insurance programs. After the implementation of the EHR, Medicare will be able to receive about $23 billion more in federal funding.

2.    With the EHR getting implemented the margin of error and misinterpretation of the medical data will be minimized.  Access of data to all those who are authorized to do so including all the healthcare service providers involved will ensure that the patient does not have to undergo the same tests repeatedly.  Also in cases of emergency healthcare can be administered faster as doctors will have easier and quicker access to the medical history of the patient.