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Benefits of Real-Time Court Reporting Services

When it comes to court reporting services, real-time court reporting delivers benefits that traditional reporting simply can't. Thanks to the computerization of stenography and sophisticated transcription software that translates the court reporter's keystrokes into legible text, it's now possible to see what's being said in real-time. 

While delivering testimony in real-time is an exceptional innovation that has changed court reporting dramatically, it's but one of many real-time court reporting benefits. If you are looking for real-time court reporting services in Toronto, visit

Another benefit of real-time reporting involves attorneys working in teams. For example, a remote attorney may be able to ask questions during the deposition because the information is streaming to the remote computer as it is revealed. 

With standard court reporting, litigators not present during the testimony must wait for the transcripts before their input can be considered. With remote real-time court reporting, there's no delay and it's less likely that a second deposition will need to be scheduled.

Best of all, real-time court reporting is efficient which leads to a lower overall cost. Since the testimony is keyed into the steno machine, translated by the software, and delivered to your computer in real-time, there's less manpower required. 

With standard reporting, the court reporter must manually translate the machine's shorthand and then type the text. A one-hour deposition would take more than twice that amount of time to translate and transcribe.

Get all of the benefits and possibly pay less for the service by choosing real-time court reporting.