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Book Binding – Tips & Techniques

A few bookbinding techniques are practical skills you can use, especially if your passion is for eBooks and you want to update the look of your books. This skill can also be used to fix pages that hang almost from the spiral of an old book.

You can learn bookbinding techniques by getting a good eBook so you can print it and keep a copy. Here are some ideas to help you learn bookbinding techniques and methods.

Ring Binding

Ring binding allows you to bind reports and documents that require updating. These heavy duty spiral coils binding allows you to insert pages at any moment. Simply feed the pages onto a ring-binding device that will punch holes in the pages. Then a spirally inserted plastic ring is placed into the holes and bounds of all pages. You can also find metal rings for ring binding, aside from the plastic ones.

Stitching or Saddle Stapling

Another popular bonding method is saddle stitching. This involves stapling or sewing the paper or documents together. This involves folding the pages in half, then stapling the fold or centerline. This binding method is the easiest, especially for thin magazines, pamphlets, manuals, or guides.

Hardcover Binding

Hardcover binding is a great way to keep your book in top condition and lasts longer. Hardcover binding is a common choice for older books. You will need to restore an old book if you want to repair it.

If you need to print thick eBooks, a hardcover binding might be the best choice.