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Call Center Quality: Choosing An Outsourced Call Center

Call centers are all about human interaction. If call center quality is important to you, bear in mind that a potential outsourcer's performance is only going to be as good as the level of communication they have with you.

You should not have to be a call center expert. That should be the job of your call center account representative.  You can choose a quality assurance call center via

A really good rep will conduct an in-depth interview with you. Be very leery of a company that has saddled you with a contact who doesn't ask good questions. A sample of just a few of the areas your rep should ask for details on includes:

•          What is prompting people to call (advertisements, referrals, service contracts, etc.)?

•          What types of calls will be coming in (sales calls, service requests, technical questions, etc.)?

•          What industry terminology, company policies, and product and/or service knowledge will the call center reps need to be trained for?

•          Will there needs to be any interaction with your own applications (website, CRM, appointment calendars, etc.)?

•          What is the primary goal of the project (generating revenue, improving service levels, reducing costs, etc.)?

If no one is asking you these kinds of questions, how can you and your callers possibly get really good call center quality?

You should also expect some value-added services.