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Cape York – A Spiritual and Cultural Experience

Cape York, located at the top of the Australian continent, in the state of Queensland, is akin to moving back in time. Travel to the end of the northern border of Australia is very tiring and beautiful all at the same time, and is a trip that is worth undertaking, both solo in your own four-wheel drive or fly in and take one of the many tours available. You can choose from the best cape york tours on 

At the southern end of Cape York there is a city of Cook where you can experience a total indigenous cultural experience. The indigenous people run and lead the tours where indigenous elders take you on a week long tour exploring the isolated beaches, coral reefs, and the surrounding rain forests where you may be lucky enough to see one of Australia's rare and unique flightless bird the Cassowary.

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This tour is limited to twelve people so that the maximum experience can be enjoyed by the group as the elders show and teach traditional hunting and meetings. The highlights include making traditional artwork, visiting colored sand canyons, heritage sites, learning about bush survival, medicines, traditional fishing methods using traditional spears and catching one of the most elusive and tasty fish in the nearby rivers and estuaries the traditional way.

From Cook Town the journey north to Bamaga and the tip are along gravel roads and depending on when during the year you are travelling the road can be adventuresome. The tourist needs to be well provisioned with a well maintained four wheel drive vehicle and have the equipment necessary to conduct river crossings and be able to recover themselves and their vehicle from difficult terrain should the need arise.