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Category: Software Development

How To Build A Scrum Team Structure For Agile Development

Content Professional Scrum Developer Certification What Scrum Mindsets And Practices Should Development Teams Follow? Agile Prioritization Techniques The Development Team: Redefining developer Product Owner When To Use A Scrum Team Structure Taking responsibility within your company for these setbacks, and protecting your team, will help you quickly establish the trust and respect you’ll need to…

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Ruby Programming Language

Обзор языков для безопасного программирования смарт-контрактов There are researches aimed at domains formalizing, e.g. finances and at the design of simpler languages that are embedded in some safe language for only domain purposes . Such domain specific languages tend to be visual to ease the development process for non-experts in programming. This is still one…

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Trends In The Fintech Industry To Watch Out For

Content Big Data Investment For A Cause: Bluemina Links Up With Saint Kitts And Nevis Citizenship For Youth Relief Sign Up For The Financial Brand’s Email Newsletter Artificial Intelligence Ai And Blockchain Bringing effective financial services to these individuals offers benefits to consumers and businesses alike. Fintechs that can enter this space successfully will reach…

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The 15 Best Devops Tools For 2021 And Beyond

Содержание Continuous Delivery What Are Devops Tools? Cypress Testing Best Automated Testing Software: Top Picks Read The Beginners Guide To Continuous Integration Automate All Thats Automatable: The why Of Test Automation Tools Team Fit For More On Quality Assurance Only Internet Explorer is supported by Watir; however, Watir WebDriver supports Opera, Chrome, FireFox and others.…

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