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Choosing the Best Florist For You in Sydney

Your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! The perfect wedding sets the groundwork for many long years of a happy marriage. There are many things that need to be considered; caterers, band, venue, registrar, church, dresses and suits, themes, the list goes on.

But in my opinion, there are none so important as choosing best online florist in Sydney! Flowers should never be an afterthought. But rather something you begin to consider as soon as you have a color scheme in mind.

White Potted Orchid

So where do you start? Well, it's a good idea to start with some wedding magazines or try a Google image search, think of your favorite color or flower, and type in something like 'yellow bridal bouquet' or 'orchid bouquet'. You'd be amazed what fantastic pictures you'll find!

So this is your starting point. As the bridal bouquet is usually the most important, you can start with that and all the other arrangements become larger abstract versions, to keep the same theme throughout the wedding. Unless your sickeningly wealthy, then you can have one color scheme for the day affair, changing to another color for the evening! So now you have something to show your florist.

So who have you chosen to take on the important job of making your wedding day one to remember, and this is not where you say 'that cute little shop on the corner cause its closest'.

Now if you've heard that they are the best florist for miles around, then by all means please enquire. But don't be too hasty! Start with your friends, ask who they used to do their flowers, and if they were happy with them.

You should see them about, in local papers or a little van with their name on! Now check the internet, most Florists with any sense of what generation we are living in will have a website with an online gallery, now if you're happy so far, speak to them on the phone.

Right from the beginning, you should be able to communicate freely with your florist, they should be able to listen and contribute to the conversation, giving you some of their ideas to compliment your own without being pushy.