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Commercial Grade Treadmills Are Now Affordable

If you are planning to buy a commercial treadmill for your gym or fitness center, consider a NordicTrack treadmill. It has excellent features that you need to be familiar with. This commercial grade treadmill has two different models – the Nordictrack Pro treadmill and the Nordic Track treadmill. In addition to the treadmill model, NordicTrack also provides equipment maintenance and repair services. These treadmills are manufactured by Nordic Engineering, a company located in Seattle, Washington.

Nordic Track T Series treadmills from NordicTrack is definitely one of the best-rated commercial treadmills available. Compared to other such commercial treadmills, this treadmill has a reasonable price and is very accessible. With its 2.6 constant horsepower motor, you could run and walk at a normal pace. The belt is made of high-quality materials, which ensure its long life. The machine also comes with a comprehensive user manual, so you would know how to use it properly.

Another feature of this treadmill is the optional heart rate monitor. Many treadmill models come with an electronic incline control. However, the incline feature will only provide an accurate workout if you have your own pulse oximeter device. You can run and walk on this treadmill even without using your pulse oximeter. If you would like to measure your heart rate while you are exercising, then an incline option is a better option. You can also adjust the speed of this machine, from easy walking to uphill running.

Another feature that sets the Nordic Track treadmill apart from other commercial grade treadmills is that it uses ball bearing motors. This feature is important because it guarantees that there are fewer problems with wear and tear on the motors. You do not have to worry about the motors wearing out since these treadmills use ball bearing motors.

One feature that is unique to Nordic Track Treadmills is the multi-purpose flywheel. The flywheel allows the user to change running surfaces in between workouts. You can easily switch from smooth to rugged running surface with the flip of a lever. The treadmill also features a non-slip deck and non-marring belts. These features make the Nordic Track a popular choice for home treadmills.

The weight capacity of Nordic tracks is one of its pro's. It is not as heavy as commercial grade treadmill yet it offers a comfortable walking surface and smooth walking motion. A heavy-duty treadmill makes it possible for a heavier user to keep up a workout routine. Compared to other home treadmills, the Nordic offers the most comfortable walking surface. The heavy-duty treadmill has a solid base and even the hand rails are made of high quality materials. Since it uses an aluminum frame, it is able to support larger weights.

Another factor that makes the Nordic Track a better treadmill than commercial grade equipment is the number of interactive features. The interactive features of the nordictrack include video displays that show split-screen views of the actual workout. The video display is fully customizable so you get the viewing you desire. The video displays come with a handy voice prompts that ensure you get the most from your workout. The commercial grade treadmill best professional treadmill comes with an eight-foot foot pedal stroke and three-ply rubber deck that make it more stable when running or walking.

The Nordic track treadmill includes various workout modes including the easy and hard workouts. The workout data panel allows you to view your data in graphical formats such as percentage of total calories burned, speed, heart rate, distance, and other statistics. The machine also has safety features including an automatic stop signal and dual flywheel with an optional automatic speed control. You can also watch online or listen to audio announcements about your workout data. The machine comes with a limited warranty.