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Features You Must Look For In An Herb Grinder

Today we’re going to get into the details concerning the internal workings and parts of herb grinders, and what separates the mediocre(and even sometimes hazardous) products from the more reliable, premium-made best choices.

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A peek inside a 4 piece Space Case titanium grinder.

Sifting Screen

The first part we’re going to mention is often one of the least understood (as seen in the Titanium Space Case grinder above). That would be the sifting screen.

This screen basically catches the smallest pieces of herbs that happen to be among the most potent and accumulates them in a small chamber directly underneath.

Now, this is such a crucial aspect of any good grinder because number one, without it, you’re letting one of the best aspects of herb grinding pass you by, and two, no herb grinder worth its weight in gold is going to be without one. It’s a good but not absolute indicator of overall quality.

You want a very fine mesh screen on it, but still durable enough to stand the test of time. If the spaces are too big, your particles are going to be too coarse and thusly not what you’re actually trying to catch. The next element we’re going to touch on is more mainstream and more relevant to a grinder’s main function.

That is the sharpness and continued blade-like fine lines of the teeth in your grinder that actually disintegrate your material.