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Gain Knowledge About ELISA Kits

ELISA or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is used to weigh antibodies or antigens, proteins, and glycoproteins present in the given biological samples. This kit is used to detect HIV infection, and measure cytokines in serum. ELISA assay tests are performed in 96 well plates so that multiple samples can be measured in one experiment.

The plates are absorbent plates to ensure that the antibody or antigen remains on the surface. Each ELISA kit measures a specific antibody, and multiple kits are used for a variety of antigens to be detected. There are four types of ELISA that are used for detection tests. You can buy ELISA kits at

elisa kit

The first type of ELISA is direct ELISA in which samples are paralyzed on plates and conjugated to detect antibodies linking to the target protein. The second type is Indirect ELISA. It is similar to direct ELISA except it has additional amplification detection steps. The third type is sandwich ELISA.

Sandwich ELISA is the most common type of Elisa. Two specific antibodies are used here. The coated antibodies are settled on microplates, then the sample was added, and get linked to additional epitopes present on target proteins. The substrate is then added. It generates a signal that is equal to the number of antibodies present in the sample.

The last type is competitive ELISA. It is generally utilized for tiny molecules. Similar to Elisa's sandwich, the captured antibodies are coated on microplates. But, instead of using conjugated antibodies, conjugated antigens are used to complete the link with antigens present in the given sample. So, high-quality ELISA kits can be used to measure antibodies present in the given sample.