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Gamification Ideas For Apps You Need To Know

Gamification refers to the practice of incorporating gaming elements into your mobile apps. Gamification can be used to keep users focused and engaged, optimize for key KPIs like retention rate, sessions and return on ad spending (ROAS), and improve the overall user experience.

Gamification apps use basic psychology to keep users interested. Gamified mobile apps reward users that encourage them to use the app again and again. This will give you an advantage and help you reach your growth goals. There are so many best gamification platforms at Goama to gamify your app. So it is important to take a wise decision before moving ahead.

Gamify your event app

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Gamification can be used to help you reach your goals. There are many options. The discussed below are some of the gamification elements that can help you increase retention and provide a rewarding and enjoyable user experience.

Display of Progress:

A progress display can be a smart way for users to stay motivated and engaged, regardless of whether you use a points system or reward them with in-app badges. This could include tracking how much time they spend learning or tracking their results on quizzes.


You can add a competitive element to your user leaderboards by using points-based and quizzes systems that motivate your users. It all depends on your product. This allows users to climb leaderboards and adds a social component to your mobile app.


In-app badges can be used to reward users for completing certain milestones or tasks. This is a clever way to reward users for their achievements and provide them with exclusive rewards. Users can be motivated by badges to work harder and achieve greater goals. This can be further enhanced by offering badge holders exclusive content and tools.