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Gamification Strategies In Employee Referral Program

Traditional recruitment has always focused on rewarding employees for referring others. Rewarding employees for referring others is a problem because they lose interest over time. This can lead to the gradual and eventual demise of the referral program. The motivators for this new generation are different, with money being a lower priority. 

Gamification is the application of game thinking and game dynamics to non-game scenarios. This has rekindled enthusiasm and interest in employees and allowed organizations to hire more people. Gamification must be implemented in a systematic and planned manner in order to make the referral program successful. Below are some gamification strategies given by can be used to increase participation and engagement in your employee referral program.

Employee Referral Program

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Clearness is essential when you introduce game dynamics to the referral program. This is why a step-by-step walkthrough is best.

Gamification success requires a differentiated point system that gives you more points for the actions you are most proud of. 

Incorporate a level-based reward/point system and clearly explain the actions/points required to be eligible for the next round. To maintain excitement and interest in your referral program, make each level more difficult than the previous one. 

Leaderboard displays are a great way to reinforce key game elements in the workplace. Employees are often unaware of their colleagues' contributions to a referral program. A leaderboard is a visual representation that shows each employee's contribution to the referral program.

It is vital that employees give feedback as part of the gamification process. This cannot be stressed enough. It is crucial to inform employees about the status of their referrals and to keep them updated on the actions they can take in order to increase their number.