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Getting Implant Supported Dentures by a Reputable Clinic in Noosa

When it comes time to have dentures you will often wonder several things about how they work and who to visit for this procedure. Knowing how to proceed with your denture needs will be much easier if you know the basic details.

If you have visited your reputable denture clinic in Noosa and your dentist has told you that you will need to have implant-supported dentures you may have several questions regarding this specific type of denture.

Restorative Care vs Dentures Impact of Dentures on Health

Although they are different from regular dentures, you will still have the same effect by using implant-supported dentures. They make it easier for you to keep your teeth in your mouth because they are much less likely to fall out of your mouth.

So, what are implant-supported dentures?

These are basically dentures that are held in your mouth with the help of implants. Just like any other type of implant, they will be inserted into your gums to provide support. If you've ever had dental crowns in your mouth you may have already had dental implants before.

To allow you to have implant-supported dentures in your mouth you will need to have implants inserted into your gums. These will provide support for the dentures, thus preventing them from falling out.

You will most likely need to have this procedure performed if you no longer have any teeth in your mouth or if the teeth in your mouth are not strong enough to support regular dentures. Although the procedure may sound painful, having implant-supported dentures in your mouth is not painful and it becomes an excellent alternative when your mouth isn't strong enough to support traditional types of teeth.