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How Can Young People Easily Study The Bible?

Studying the Bible is exciting because the word of God is learned and followed. A person is never too young to understand the word of the Lord and apply his message to his life.

Youth Bible study doesn't have to be complicated. There are three important steps a youth Bible study group must take to understand the word of the Lord. You can easily learn the Bible through a bible timeline chart. You can also find a biblical timeline chart via

As you look at the passage, ask who is in the story, who is writing, and who is being written to. Look for what is being communicated, the cause, the affects, and the meaning of the words. Put yourself in the passage and think about your reactions to what is being said and what the words mean to you.

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To interpret the message of the Bible, ask why the writer said the words, why they are important, and what is important about the words. Finding the importance of words as they are written will help you find the importance of words in your own life.

To discover how a passage can be applied, a student Bible study group should focus on carrying the message and applying it in their actions at home, at school, and elsewhere. They must think about the changes they must make or the actions they must take to accept the message.

The goal of teen and youth Bible study should be to develop love and understanding of God's word. Messages from his word will help young people navigate today's confusing world with lessons that will teach them how to love and worship God.