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How Diversity Affects Workplace Behavior

The workplace is a forced relationship arena. It is a gathering place for people from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Unlike social circles in which you choose who to communicate with, workplace relationships are forced on us for good or for bad.

Your team members have randomly assembled and; Out of necessity, you learn to cooperate and work together to function in a successful and productive workplace. To enhance diversity, you must discover the keynote that is right for your audience.

The American workplace truly reflects the concept of "melting away". It is interesting to note that there are more than 300 languages spoken in America today. Apart from the sound of a foreign language, we are faced with unusual behavior, different styles of interpersonal communication, cultural norms and religious beliefs.

Good or bad, Americans have always had the luxury of traveling abroad without having to worry about communication problems. Almost every major city in the world can accommodate American tourists and speak fluent English. No place in the world has a group that can boast of this privilege.

But; Perhaps it is this extraordinary comfort that also makes it difficult for Americans to understand other ethnic groups and to be better educated in culture. Although it is quite common for Europeans to speak two or three languages, Americans generally speak one language.

In today's workplace, where there is cultural diversity everywhere, it is important to sensitize us and learn to be more cultured. Maybe we should think about how we can enrich each other by tapping into each other's cultures and using them as stepping stones to build better working relationships.