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How Does ABA Therapy Works?

An ABA therapy for autism is conducted by therapists who train a child to obey a command or a request. If the child complies, he/she is rewarded with favorite treats or any reward that is their all-time favorite.

If he/she does not comply, the trial is repeated. Based on each child's evaluation, they are given various social and behavioral tasks that are more challenging with enticing and tempting rewards.

A young child receives a reformed form of applied behavior analysis therapy for autism that involves play therapy. You can also choose ABA Therapy in San Jose & Santa Clara County for autism in San Jose.

The therapist teaches them to master their behaviors as they play and also to learn how to enjoy ordinary social experiences while communicating with others.

ABA therapy sessions are conducted by therapists in classrooms or in the natural settings of playgrounds, restaurants, and community locations to make it easier for children to use their newly learned skills in real-world settings. Log in to the link for more info:

Develop New Skills

The applied behavior analysis specialists or therapists are trained individuals who include discrete trial training, in most effective ways.

They break down each task in small sections to help children with autism gain positive reinforcement and learn to do their daily work independently.

Thus, the goal of ABA therapy for autism is to help the child experience success with their learned skills as they grow.