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How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist in Portland

Since cosmetic dentistry is not considered as an area of specialization by the American Dental Association, some general dentists present themselves as cosmetic dentists. How will you know if a certain cosmetic dentist can be trusted? Here are some tips to consider in looking for a cosmetic dental service.


After completing proper training, a cosmetic dentist has completed postgraduate courses in porcelain veneers as well as cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign and all-white restorations. Ask your potential dentist about any cosmetic courses that he/she has taken.


The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is the most well-known association for cosmetic dentists. Although it does not mean that a dentist should be good, being a member at the AACD is a sign that he is serious about his work.

Payment Options:

The cost of cosmetic dental work is not covered by health insurance. Patients will choose a dentist that accepts credit cards or offers for payment plans.


Usually, cosmetic dental enhancements require several visits. It would be more convenient if the dentist's office is accessible to a patient's home or work.

Time Required:

Dental enhancement may take time to complete. The patient has to make sure that the dentist is available during his/her treatment. Dentists that perform modern procedures make use of advanced technology like dental laser, digital X-rays, intramural cameras and chair-side monitors, among others.