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How To Cure Your Puppies’ Anxiety?

Puppy separation anxiety refers to the fear or stress felt by your puppy when left on his own. If you go away your pet with anxiety might be agitated or vocal. Furthermore, he might be destructive or suffer from accidents with the potty. A dog who forms an unbreakable bond with its owner is more likely to suffer from separation anxiety as a puppy.

Prevention of puppy anxiety training may be a problem before you adopt your pet. It is best to wait until your puppy is fully removed from his mother, typically around eight weeks old. Your puppy must have a certain degree of autonomy away from her mother. If dogs are removed in the early days, they could be susceptible to separation anxiety.

Training to stop this behavior is easy to begin right after you bring the puppy back. In the beginning, you should not cause a fuss when you let your puppy go. Do not tell your puppy that you're disappointed to leave him and make sure you give him extra hugs and kisses. 

The training process can be more challenging when your dog has already shown signs of separation anxiety in puppies at the time you adopt him. Do not worry, the extra effort you put into it will have a positive impact. Adult dogs who experience separation anxiety are most likely strays or shelter dogs. Half of all adult dogs improve when given the correct training.