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How To Select A Right Electric Toothbrush?

The dentists agree to the fact that brushing for 2 minutes twice a day can keep your teeth healthy. Moreover, studies also indicate that brushing teeth with an electric toothbrush keeps them clean and white.

best electric toothbrush consumer reports will let you know the tips and tricks to select the right toothbrush within your budget. In the research done by consumer reports on some of the volunteers, the batch of the powered toothbrush has been tested for eight hours by skipping brushing. The plaque levels are then checked.

After this, each volunteer was provided with an electric toothbrush. They were told to brush continuously for 2 minutes and the hygiene and plaque levels are again measured.

The consumer’s reports score is then finalized based on after and before the difference. The electric toothbrush selected should be good in terms of battery performance, noise, and easy to use.

As per the current ratings given by consumer reports, Oral-B is on the top of the list.

The tips to keep in mind while selecting the right electric brush for yourself are:

  1. The angle of the toothbrush should be 45 degrees so that it can reach between teeth and gums.
  2. Focus on two teeth at a time.
  3. Don’t brush too hard as this may result in injury to your gums.

The waste plastic created by an electric toothbrush is much lesser than that of a manual toothbrush. In an Electric toothbrush, there is simply a need to replace the brush heads after a regular interval of time.