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Know About UPVC French Doors

Wood has always been the first choice, especially in traditional homes. However, newer materials mimic the look of wood, give the same solidity and aesthetics, and yet prove to be far better in all respects. Solidor composite doors are a case in point.

The best double glazed french door adds a huge difference to your house. Whereas most modern upvc doors tend to be hollow or foam-filled and the bland color can make it look cheap, Solidor differs in the way it is designed and fabricated. uPVC is used for the frame but these are overlaid with woodgrain foils to give the look and feel of wood.

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This is taken a step further by incorporating wooden blocks in the hollow frames and sections for a solid feel as well as durability. This type of upvc French door is immune to warping and other defects associated with normal hollow core or foam-filled UPVC section doors.


There are distinct advantages to upvc French doors that no other material can match, especially when they are put together the way Solidor does it. Durability is a distinguishing feature.

UPVC does not need painting or maintenance and it is immune to termite attacks, fungus and rot or rust that happens in wood, steel, and aluminum. uPVC will easily last for 50 years without developing any defect and all it needs is just cleaning to keep it in pristine condition.