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Know About Vape Coils or Atomizers

An atomizer is a device that converts liquid e-liquid to vapor. Because of their widespread use in vape devices, an atomizer is closely related to the vape industry. It is a resistance coil heated to make mist. There are many options for their use, including different sizes and shapes. 

Some can be recycled and some are disposable. Containers with metal wires inside are called atomizers/coils. The resistance of the wires is measured in Ohms. There are many types of coils available for vaping. You can consider buying fireluke mesh coils via


Coil heads can be used and thrown. These coil heads are made in a factory and contain the cotton and coils within a small cylindrical or metal device. They need to be properly wicked and can last for up to 7 days depending on how you vape. Prebuilt/Coil head atomizers offer a wide range of resistance. 

Atomizers are nothing more than a device that allows us to extract the flavor from e-liquids or vapor. Coils are the heating element inside the atomizers. Although there are many technical differences between them, vapers generally consider them to be the same. 

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