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Know All About Eco-Friendly Swimsuits

There are many questions that arise when you face the three-way mirror in your two-piece. But do you ever stop and ask yourself if your suit can be biodegradable? A cute cover-up made of bamboo and an organic women's tunic is two options. Or, if you want to conserve energy while still getting a beautiful tan, a solar-powered bikini is the way to go. 

Most girls want their suits to have a shape. It's not easy to make swimwear from materials that aren't chemical-free. Aqua Green, which makes the Eco Swim line, offers a bra cup that enhances the shape of the breasts. It is made with biodegradable oil from plants. This bra cup won't be left in landfills and will not confuse future generations. You can buy eco-friendly swimwears online via

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The suits are made from recycled nylon and cotton. While the biodegradable suit might only make a small dent in clothing's waste cycle, it is a significant step in sparking new ideas in designers. Perhaps in their business to innovate, the material selection can be just as bold as the styles. 

The new frontier in fashion is perhaps the willingness to abandon the traditional synthetic materials and choose other materials such as bamboo. Perhaps one day, women everywhere will be able to brag about how their outfit makes their waist look smaller and reduce their carbon footprint.