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Need Of Line Marking Companies

With the increasing volumes of road traffic and the need to improve safety of roads, highway line markings probably provide the biggest benefit to the road user in all its various forms for direction guidance and information on the move, especially at night.

One hundred years ago the first road markings were recognised officially as an aid to movement on the highway. The original white line was a hand painted line and in the early 1940's thermoplastic was used, due to the shortage of fuel based solvent for paint. You can hire a line marking agency via online resources.

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For many years thermoplastic has been the solution for the road marking market with its relative ease of application in most conditions for 12 months of the year.

However, its inability to retain the surface applied glass beads and dependence on vehicle wheel-overs to expose the glass beads held within the material has in some cases resulted in the product failing to provide adequate retro-reflectivity performance at night.

However, despite the exclusive use of thermoplastic for road markings, paint remained the number one choice for around 70% of the world's highway markings market due to its high performance in luminance and retro-reflectivity.

Since road markings have become an essential aid to safety and guidance on our road networks. Their continuing improved performance is critical, considering today's increasing demands on highways.