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Organic Irish Sea Moss- Good For Health

Sea moss is a type of seaweed or algae called Chondrus crispus. Also known as Irish Moss. It is edible and spiny, similar to other edible seaweeds like kombu, dulse or wakame.

Sea moss can grow naturally in water and tide pools on rocky coastlines such as the coasts of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Common sea moss can be found as a red seaweed but it can also grow in other colors depending on the climate and water temperature.

Because they share the same compounds, sea moss could have similar benefits to other types of sea alga. You can buy organic irish sea moss according to your needs and health.


The current research on sea moss is limited and scientists need more evidence to support any claims of health. These include:

Supporting your thyroid health

Thyroid health may be supported by diets high in iodine. This mineral is essential for the thyroid to make and use hormones. The thyroid could not function properly without enough iodine and this could lead to metabolic problems.

Sea algae, such as sea moss, can be used to prevent deficiency by acting as a natural source for iodine.

Supporting immune health

The immune system is linked to the gut. Healthy immune system may be promoted by a diet high in prebiotics and fiber-rich foods like sea moss.

Trusted source found higher levels of immune antibodies among rats that had consumed sea moss. These findings could be confirmed by further research on humans.

Supporting muscle and energy recuperation

Sea moss can help with fatigue and recovery from exercise. People who were given sea moss showed a reduction in fatigue, exhaustion and pain. The plant contains high levels of total proteins and amino acids.