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Part Of The Annual Boiler Service Is To Check The Boiler Combustion Rate

Checking of boiler combustion rate is done to ensure that the boiler burns the gas as desired. This is done with a flue gas analyzer, which is inserted into the smoke outlet and read. If the measured values are in accordance with the boiler recommendations, no further measurements are required.

However, if the indication is beyond the recommendation, further investigation is needed to identify the problem. To do the inspection you can hire professionals of boilers & central heating in Worcester.

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With older type boilers, the burner was removed and the fume hood cleaned and inspected, but the exhaust gas value indicated when the burner had to be eliminated. 

With annual boiler maintenance, these are just a few of the checks that must be performed. Since many boilers now have long warranties, you will need an annual boiler service to keep the boiler warranty valid. After the service is performed, the technician will need to set the date and sign the warranty brochure to keep the warranty valid.

I have talked to many consumers with long boiler warranties and for some reason, they seem to believe that the long warranty means they don't need annual boiler maintenance. This is not the case, you have to follow the boiler's annual maintenance. When you need to file a warranty claim, you may find that you have high bills for repairs because you don't do annual boiler service.