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Pneumatic Power Spraying Machine For Better Rock Wool Mortars

If you’re a contractor or property owner in the construction industry, then you need a pneumatic power spraying machine. You can’t even imagine how much easier it will be to apply the rock wool on your job when you have one of these machines! Rock wool mortar is a type of hydraulic lime plaster which is made by spraying a suspension of fine-grained, inert rock powder into a water or oil solution. The mixture is then spread over the surface to be plastered and allowed to set.

Pneumatic power spraying machines via are used to create rock wool mortars because they provide the controlled and consistent application of the necessary ingredients that make up this type of plaster. This type of mortar has many benefits over traditional methods, including improved durability, reduced labor costs, and greater accuracy.

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The following are some tips for using a pneumatic power spraying machine to create rock wool mortars: 

  • Choose the right machine for the job.
  • Prep the area.
  • Choose the spray gun and adjust the spray pattern.
  • Broadcast and apply the mortar.

How does a pneumatic spraying machine for rock wool mortars work?

A pneumatic spraying machine for rock wool mortars performs the same function as a conventional machine, but with one major difference – the spray pattern is generated by air pressure rather than steam. This means that the mortar can be sprayed much more accurately and uniformly, which leads to a higher quality result.


One of the primary benefits of using a pneumatic power spraying machine is that it eliminates the need for physical labor. By using a spray gun, the operator can apply the mortar with greater precision and accuracy, eliminating the possibility of mistakes that could lead to problems with the finished product.