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Professional Web Site Design Tips

Disturbing viewers are a crime

Websites must be designed so users are glued to them. In short, this site must be interesting. Experienced web analysts have found sound and animation very disturbing.

The basic advice for website design is that scrolling text, flashing text, loading sound and GIF animation automatically should be avoided as much as possible.

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Is the popup good?

Popup really annoys viewers. Therefore they must be avoided as much as possible. Many designers and developers say that popup contributes to better performance.

 However, experienced business analysts have found that including pop-ups in the design bothers visitors, which in turn causes them to bounce off the website.

Can your visitors easily find things on the website?

If the site is not designed properly, it might be difficult for users to find something in it. Because of this, organizing a website is a priority.

A professional web design expert knows the correct way to navigate users for the purpose of the website. Internal pages of the site must be kept as close to the homepage as possible.

A website design specialist must consider that users must click as little as possible to access internal pages.