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Solid State Drives Over Computer Hard Drives

Solid State Drives (SSDs) provide extremely fast computer memory and, as the name suggests, unlike all hard drives so far, they have no moving parts. SSD will one day replace hard drives in computers because it speeds up the ability of our computers to access our data. 

Although our computer's processors (CPUs) have gotten faster, hard drive manufacturers have been better at increasing the amount of data we can store on our hard drives than at increasing speed.

The speed has increased, but not as much as other parts, so the speed of accessing files on the hard drive has now become a bottleneck within the average modern computer. One more important advantage of SSD drives are, they are easily available in markets or at online stores.

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A second point in favor of SSDs would be the fact that SSDs don't need time to accelerate before data can be read, when you turn them on, so computers using SSDs should boot up faster.

SSDs have less power use, because there is no disk or tray to spin at high speed every time the PC is turned on and it will be cooler while running as the computer drives heat up.

And last but least, SSDs do not suffer from fragmentation as they are used. Fragmentation splits stored data into smaller chunks as the hard drive ages, and this needs to be corrected on the current hard drive by running background software that moves the files and joins them back together. If this is not done, the data / file loading time of a PC slows down over time.