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Some Important Facts You Should Know About Koozies

Have you ever wondered why your beer is warmer than your buddy's? It could be because the beer you drink with your friend comes from a can with Koozies that have been wrapped around it. You can also search online to find fathers day koozie idea.

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What exactly is Koozies? Koozies are nothing but wrappers made from synthetic substances that are used to maintain the coolness of liquids. While certain Koozies are made from leather or cloth, others are constructed from materials like Viny, Polyester, EVA, Neoprene, and various closed-cell and open-cell foams.

How can a Koozie function?

Imagine that you're given a can of beer that is chilled. Koozies will stop the beverage in the can from warming up by insulating the can from heat conduction and radiation that can occur through just a touch or via warm sunlight or warm air. Experts have concluded that Koozies could assist in reducing the speed that a beverage warms when exposed to sunlight by as much as 50 percent.

Koozies are typically used for outdoor activities and don't have refrigeration. Students and executives who are usually moving around can make use of Koozies to cool their drinks.

Designs of Koozies

While most Koozies have gone through an evolution phase, however, there are some dimensions and designs that have become well-known. This includes Koozies for 40 one ounce. 

Bottles and the adjustable Koozies which are intended for containers of drinks that are available in various sizes. The majority of Koozies come with a handle that can be held easily and some come with a lengthy strap that lets people carry the beverage container with it and the Koozie across their shoulders.