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Time For Muslim Women To Enjoy Aqua Sports With Islamic Swimsuits

Swimming at beaches is an issue for precaution for Muslim women and girls, not because they're fearful of water or some other reason, but due to the absence of proper swimwear that is in line with the Islamic customs. Islamic customs require women to wear a head-to-toe covering. to toe, and only the feet, hands, and face are covered. 

The creation of a swimsuit that follows an Islamic custom and that is also comfortable isn't an easy task rather it is a feat that seems almost impossible.  A majority of the swimsuits available in the market that are targeted at Muslimahs have the issue of being hung onto the body after women get out of the pool. You can also buy Islamic beachwear for ladies online.


In addition, the design has a "four-way" stretch, which guarantees the best comfort. In terms of the style, Bodykini swimwear is a two-piece swimsuit that consists of a t-shirt with an attached headpiece, and additional pants. The swimsuit covers the whole body and exposes only the hands, face and feet. 

The fabric used for stitching the swimsuit is a premium water-repellent fabric that is not just impervious to chlorine and salt water but also offers protection from UV Rays. The suit comes with a few characteristics. The first is two elastic bands located on the bottom of the pants and are then buttoned to the inner part of the costume. 

This prevents the suits from flying if the swimmer leaps in with her "Feet first". Another characteristic is the pocket that has a zipper inside the pants. This is great for storing small items such as keys.