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Tips for Better Lab Safety Supplies Management

Success in managing laboratory safety stock directly affects the effectiveness of laboratory work safety in general. Laboratories that contain a variety of hazardous chemicals, compressed gases, flammable gases and electricity, can endanger workers if not managed properly.

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Better management of safety supplies in the laboratory not only ensures the availability of an inventory of safety equipment, but also ensures that everyone working in the laboratory is protected from potential hazards.

Read through these simple tips to better manage laboratory supplies in your chemical plant.

1. Determine all necessary laboratory equipment consumables. List in a neat table with the standard specifications of each.

2. Calculate your monthly consumption and determine the minimum stock. Use your usage history to calculate your average monthly usage. Please consider the delivery time of any laboratory safety equipment when determining the minimum quantity available.

3. Give priority to local providers. Buying from a local supplier takes shorter delivery times than importing. This can help you have a lower minimum supply.

4. Don't depend on one provider. If so, you're causing trouble.

5. Design suitable storage conditions. You need to ensure that your laboratory protective equipment is in good condition when you need to use it.

6. Update the laboratory safety equipment inventory regularly. Make sure all connected employees are aware of the updated data.

7. Evaluate your suppliers regularly.

By following the tips above, you can not only better manage laboratory safety, but also get a more competitive price that has the potential to lower your overall laboratory costs.