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Tips to Choose the Best Single Speed Bikes

Racing bikes are sufficient in number and purpose. However, if you know exactly what your bike is supposed to do,the fact is that the wheels are the most important part of a bicycle because they hold all the weight.You should give preference to road bike wheels(which is also known as “Rennrad-Rderin German language)when buying your bicycle.


There are three types of wheels for racing bicycles, namely tubular tires, clincher tires and wheels with special designs or aerodynamic wheels.

Follow these simple steps and choose the right axle for your mountain bike:

1. Tire clincher is very often used for entertainment purposes. The wheel for this bike is strong because it opens on the side of the rim but tightens on the other side of the rim seal and holds the tire in the tire.

2. Tubular tires are not a common sight because they are only intended for motorcyclists. They are lighter and more expensive than rims. In this case, the tube is wrapped with rubber and glued to the rim. Maintenance and repair is difficult and is not recommended for regular use. 

3. The aerodynamic bicycle wheel is considered a special price, because it is only intended for triathlons and specifically for competitions. The spokes are specially designed for machining purposes.