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What Are The Best Reading Programs For Dyslexia In Charlotte?

There is more support now than ever for students with dyslexia and the earlier they receive intervention the better they do later. However, you can always do more and have more tools to help your child succeed.

These online reading programs can help your child practice more. They also provide alternative ways to learn to read, which can greatly benefit your child's learning experience.

• Readability Teacher – This is a powerful and comprehensive method to help create a multi-sensory experience for students with dyslexia. Your child can get a good reading model every time. You can also navigate the for decoding nonsense words assessment test for children suffering from dyslexia.  

• This app is also great for getting instant feedback and fixing certain bugs. This app can actually listen to your child read aloud and then give them advice, just like a real teacher.

• Moose Materials – This website is full of activities and games that can help your child learn to read and write. You will follow Orton-Gillingham's skills and concepts and use activities that encourage multi-sensory learning opportunities.

• Nessy Reading – Nessy is another website with a wide variety of materials that can add to a more enjoyable learning experience for your dyslexic child. Most of the material on this site is also compliant with the Common Core curriculum, so it can be a great addition to students attending public schools.

• Learning Ally – This program is a learning tool that has been used by many schools for several years. It is basically an audiobook library with books suitable for students with learning disabilities and dyslexia. Check with your child's school to see if they are already using this program as access may be expensive.