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What do You need To Know About Cold Pressed Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil can be cold-pressed from either organic coconuts or other sources. This method is considered to be more effective than the other, which requires heat to boil fresh coconut milk.

 The excess heat causes some compounds to be broken down, which results in less flavorful oil and fewer antioxidants but good Cold Pressed coconut oil is distinctive in taste and fragrance. It does not need any refining or bleaching.

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Cold-pressed copra is made from dried and mature coconuts. The mature coconuts are picked by hand four times per year. Once they have been harvested, the stick, ax is used to break or open the coconuts. The interior copra is removed and dried.

It is dried by simply laying it out in the sunlight. Although there are advanced drying methods such as solar dryers that are widely used in coconut-producing regions, they aren't as common.

After the copra has dried sufficiently, it can be taken to presses where pressure is applied in order to make this material.

Although cold pressed is the term used to describe products made in this way, there are many types of presses available. The coconut oil produced by mechanical presses is more heated than those made by manual presses. This can lead to inferior coconut oil.

However, manual presses can be more expensive so the coconut oil produced is more expensive. It is up to you to decide if the results are worth the extra cost.

Virgin cold-pressed can be described as a product that is produced in the exact same way. Coconut oil is not refined or processed further. Organic coconut oil is produced in the same way, but with strict control over how the coconuts were grown.