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What Is Low Poly Modeling?

One of the qualities of 3D modeling is that your high-end 3D model can be used in many different connections. One of the things you can do with your 3D model to benefit from its many advantages is implementing it in an interactive setting for your user to explore your product. 

What a lot of these options have in common is that your 3D model becomes a low poly model to meet the requirements of the employed software. Allow us to elaborate…When we mention the word “poly”, it refers to polygons. 

Without getting too much into the technical specifications, a 3D model from is made from a lot of polygons. And the more polygons, the more detailed the model becomes. But more detailed models also mean larger files which are not ideal for any interactive solutions because it makes the software too slow which compromises its functionality of it. 

When you do have people’s attention and get them to try your product in an interactive setting, you need to compromise a bit on the quality in order to get intuitive and fast software that the user will find entertaining without any system disturbances during the interaction.

Why do we use low poly models?

We use low poly models for the services where the user is in constant interaction with the program, which affects the output every time the user makes a decision or pushes a button in the program. Therefore, the program needs to work as fast as possible so new visualizations will occur continuously as the user interacts with the solution.

If a high-end model was implemented into one of these solutions, it would simply be too slow and probably wouldn’t even be able to function. 

So whenever we make a solution with interaction from a user, we change the high-end model to a low poly model in order for it to run as smoothly as possible. That leads to a spectacular user experience which is another one of our essential priorities!