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Why did they do Chinese foot binding?

Chinese foot binding had been an ancient practice from the Thirteenth century, in which the feet of younger female kids ended up really firmly wrapped up to stop the feet from developing. The process did begin in the upper social groups and then it moved to countryside regions where up to 50 % of the female children were the subject of it. As the youngster grows, the feet stayed smaller sized. Foot binding was basically a crude and debilitating procedure. The feet were wrapped in a gauze and placed into decorative shoes referred to as lotus footwear. The procedure has stopped being done because it was eventually banned, but there are a few very aged Chinese females in a few rural regions who are still living with bound up feet.

The objective of the foot binding would have been to keep the foot of the female small as a smaller foot was regarded as much more sensual and desirable, therefore was a indicator of attractiveness along with a status symbol. The matrimony prospects for girls with smaller sized feet had been better and the family can require a larger dowry for their female daughters. Essentially the most appealing females had a foot that was under 3 inches (10 cm), named the “golden lotus.” A 4 inch foot (thirteen cm) was called the “silver lotus.” Larger than the four inches was basically thought to be less attractive and was known as the “iron lotus”.

After a woman had been through the procedure for the Chinese foot binding, there was not really a lot that could be carried out for the pain sensation and deformity apart from to maintain the foot bound. There was no treatment out there or offered to correct the deformity. They had ongoing pain and also constrained movement. Chinese foot binding is frequently seen by feminists as an oppressive technique against women who were victims of a prejudiced culture. Additionally it is commonly viewed as a kind of violence against women. Bound feet made females dependent upon their own families, specially the males, because they became largely restricted to their residences.