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Why Use Adjustable Weight Benches at the Gym?

Adjustable weight benches are essential pieces of exercise equipment for strength training. Their basic function is to increase the effectiveness of your lifting by allowing you to vary your current exercise routine. Weight benches allow you to perform free weight bench presses, bent over rows, shrugs and many other weight based exercises. They can even add variety to home gyms with their endless possibilities.

Weight benches are most effective when they are used with a variety of exercise machines. They are also good for use with barbells, dumbbells, and most favored of all, many popular and home weight machines. Using adjustable weight benches with a Smith machine, incline station, power rack, or even a vertical hurdle, can take your workout to the next level. You can perform your weight training exercises in complete comfort and be far more efficient.

To do full body workouts and to get stronger you must incorporate full body workouts with frequent cardiovascular workouts. When you use an adjustable dumbbell bench, you will be doing many compound exercises that will build muscle mass and burn fat faster than free weight exercises. The extra work you put into an adjustable dumbbell bench will increase your ability to target larger muscle groups, therefore increasing your metabolism. The added work will also burn more calories because of greater overall efficiency. Your core will receive a tremendous workout using standard weight benches because of the increased range of motion.

Weight benches with higher adjustable heights allow you to do more repetitions on each bench press and increase your weight. For example, a bench press performed on a low height bench press can only do up to a hundred repetitions before it begins to strain your back. Once you begin to strain your back, you will not be able to do additional repetitions and will need to stop for rest. If you have been training on a standard bench press, your repetitions should be limited to around eight to ten, because your back will have already begun to get used to the increased load.

Even if your gym has flat utility benches or standard weight benches, you will see a big difference in the quality of your workout when doing workouts on adjustable benches. Because of the mechanical advantage of the bench press exercise, you will not be limited to only a few different chest and arm exercises, like you would on a standard bench. Your workouts will include total body workouts, including your legs, back, abdominals, traps, biceps, forearms, shoulders, and even your triceps. Most gyms will provide weight benches and adjustable benches so that you can do all of these different workouts together.

There are a lot of benefits to using incline benches instead of flat bench presses. When using a flat bench, your legs might be at a higher risk for injury since you can't take the weight of the feet off the floor. You can also encounter a number of muscle and tendon problems that will be more difficult to fix. Even with standard weight benches, your feet will stay at a relatively constant distance from the floor, which can cause problems if you have high arches or wide feet. The incline bench offers more support for your lower back and provides easier ways to keep your knees bent while you are standing. Finally, while your legs and back will be at a reduced risk for injury, you will also be able to improve your posture and have a much healthier back than you would if you just stuck to a standard bench.